Mat Pilates 

   Mon + Wed               5:30 pm               

      Thurs                          9 a.m.    


Online Sessions 

        Pilates Pasadena limits the number

​              of students in group sessions

                     to give each student

                     individual attention.  

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Experience the power and strength within you!  Learn correct Pilates form - and see the results!  We use the best of small apparatus including Rings, Barrels, the Balanced Body Orbit, Weighted Balls . . . and more!  

     Let's get started!


1. Choose the number of sessions 

you want; click on the drop-down menu & click to pay.  

 8 Online Sessions:  $199 (@ $24) 

16 Online Sessions: $320 (@ $20) 

​24 Online Sessions: $430 (@ $18)  

  • The one and only training method that delivers a lean, contoured torso 
  • Create strength, increase flexibility
  • Inspirational, fun, non- intimidating

Online Mat & more         

Intelligent exercise 

profound results 


  Mon                            7 a.m. 

   Wed                               6:30 am

   Thurs                          6:15 p.m.  


Small Group Training

   Cardio Bounce 

   Tues                            5 p.m. 



   Fascial Flex & Floss 

   Fri                    2:30 p.m. 



Small Group Sessions