Circle, Spiral, Rotate Saturday: 9 am

Owner's Manual to The Body: 10:15 am

Your Owner's Manual to the Body

Experience the transformation of movement to rebalance, heal and reawaken energy you've had within you along.

Move more freely, increase flexibility and decrease pain.

Founded in science, this evidence-based class acquaints you with your body's largest organ, and which inhabits every cell of your body; how to use core muscles, elongate your fascial lines, and bolster your immune system.

Loose-fitting clothing and an exercise mat is recommended. Bare feet allows full foot movement.  

Zoom link to be sent upon receipt of payment: 8 classes $199. Download Zoom below. 

Your Owner's Manual to The Body begins Saturday, Jan 16 at 10:15 am

Release, restore, realign your body

The Body Elastic

Body Elastic: Circle, Spiral, Rotate
The Body Elastic: 8 classes