Due to the nature of Pilates and the breathing method, our clients feel a sense of renewal and energy instead of being exhausted or depleted. 

Pilates really IS different from weight training, according to research. 

A series of studies conducted in the late 1990s and early 2000s, by educational and research institutions around the world have reached similar conclusions:  

  • While traditional weight lifting shortens and tightens muscles, eccentric exercise (like Pilates) elongates muscle fibers 

  • Working muscles as they elongate (eccentrically), makes muscles stronger than traditional weight training (concentrically). 

  • Researchers found that the energy cost of Pilates training appeared low, but the calorie burn spikes upwards of 10 percent for several hours following a full-body training session.



What Is Pilates? 

Every exercise is designed to work your whole body, create elasticity in your muscles and dramatically improve posture.


Done regularly (2 - 3 times a week), Pilates flattens abs by using the abdominal muscles that encircle your middle like a corset that cinches the waist from the inside. The exercises are structured to develop abdominal strength and work the entire body so you will increase overall muscle tone, body awareness and balance.

Clients who make Pilates part of their lives find that their torso, legs and arms becomes longer and leaner.

Since Pilates works to correct postural issues, clients who regularly perform the exercises usually find relief for their back and neck pain and issues involving shoulders, hips, knees and feet. 

Created by Joseph Pilates, this unique exercise system lengthens as it strengthens your muscles by working from the inside out.  

Learn the only exercise system proven to increase core strength and improve flexibility for a lean, contoured torso.  

What Are The Benefits of Pilates? 

Pilates is a strength workout that elongates muscles instead of shortening and tightening muscles and joints as does weight training. 

What The Science Says

People who experience Pilates report that they become stronger, longer, leaner and able to move  with grace and ease.